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Any project or turnaround will always need so-called utilities: supply of light, air, and electricity. We can take care of all of this for you, whether you are an end customer or a contractor. The size of the project often means it makes sense to commission a single party to provide sufficient light, air and/or power to all parties on site. This is partly due to the fact that during shut-downs there is often not enough space on site for each contractor to build this type of installation on their own. In addition, the costs for the end client are usually higher when each contractor installs its own utilities. It is more difficult to guarantee that all legal and safety requirements have been met if each contractor installs its own utilities, because the various contractors are not always aware of the applicable legislation. As such, working with a single party who knows all the ins and outs offers greater security and continuity.

As an industrial hire company, we are specialised in installing, maintaining, and dismantling temporary utilities for our customers.

What can you expect from us? We start with a tour of your site first, where we list everything you need. Then, we draw up a plan that maps out the planned utility provisions. After you approve this plan, we install the utilities for your project or turnaround.



You can choose from a wide range of light installations, depending on the purpose and the spaces to be illuminated. For example, a mobile or stationary light tower can provide maximum light output if your project, turnaround or construction site needs site lighting and ambient lighting. If you need to illuminate your enclosed workspace, we can provide a wide range of solutions, from portable LED lamps to LED tube lighting in 42V and 230V. We can also provide lighting that meets the specific safety requirements for EX zones. We would be happy to recommend the best options for you, helping you to complete your project or turnaround safely and efficiently.



We can construct a network with all the necessary outlets to support your air-powered activities, in accordance with the established required capacity. We have a wide range of modern compressors available, from 3 m3 to 31 m3.



During a turnaround, the existing power grid on site is often not available. The capacity of the installation is often insufficient or it is difficult to reach. As such, it is advisable to outsource your power supply too. Our range consists of a wide variety of generators that can provide you with the electricity you need. Linking several generators in a parallel setup (read more about this here) offers you operational reliability and fuel savings. We supply the generators fully charged and install the connections with all required distribution boxes and electric extension cables as well, so that you can start working with your equipment and tools straight away.




Temporary utilities have a hugely important operational function throughout the project or turnaround. Any outage stops work and causes delays. Our 24/7 service is available to ensure that temporary malfunctions are resolved immediately and effectively, and keep downtime to a minimum.



You can choose to let us fully manage the fuel consumption on site. We keep track of the exact consumption per machine and take care of refilling the tanks, so that you never run out and the work can continue. This means you no longer have to worry about the various machines and their fuel consumption.



A well-known issue during large projects and turnarounds are the missing items that are discovered upon returning the tools and equipment. A lost tool or machine is not uncommon, but of course we try to minimise this together. We use locks on the installations from the generator to the distribution box to reduce the risk of losses and therefore unexpected costs.


If you would like more information on temporary utility services to your on-site project or turnaround, please contact one of our team members at info@indu-tools.nl or 010 85 09 010 for free, no obligation advice.